As a verified member of the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD®), Southern Chemical Corporation (SCC) and Southern Chemical Distribution (SCCD) fully endorse all aspects and principles of Responsible Distribution®. SCC firmly subscribes to the concepts and commitment of continual improvement, legal and industry conformity and sustainable development to ensure the company obtains the highest Environmental, Health, Safety and Security Standards, Product Quality, Leadership in our industry, Partnership with our suppliers and customers, advocacy of responsibility in our community and to our neighbors.

Methanol Institute

SCC partners with the Methanol Institute as we train employees and customers on safe product handling guidelines. We also prepare ourselves to respond immediately to emergencies and unexpected events and we ensure the information and skills we have are shared with all stakeholders. Links to a wealth of safety and technical data information are included below.

Responsible Distribution®

Product Stewardship is a management practice that makes health, safety and environmental protection an integral part of every stage of a product’s life cycle, from initial design to ultimate product disposal.

As part our commitment to the Responsible Distribution®, it is our policy to raise the awareness and practice product stewardship in the use, handling, transport and disposal of chemical products. SCC believes a shared and open dialogue with all customers, vendors, competitors, and the community will help all of us achieve our goal to eliminate health, safety and environmental concerns in the markets and communities we serve.

Our company requires participation from all of its employees and contract facilities to maintain a company-wide commitment to Product Stewardship practices. SCC achieves this through periodic reviews of contract facilities, customer visits, and employee training. Our commitment to product stewardship ensures a positive relationship with our stakeholders.


SCC is a certified supplier of Ecovadis which has evaluated the quality of our sustainable management practices.

Methanol Safe Handling Manual

Methanol Crisis Communication

Methanol Safe Handling Video